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Certificate Program


Online Certificate in Training and Development

Program Overview

The Certificate in Training and Development is a non-degree program for lifelong learning students offered through the Department of leadership, Policy, and Adult and Higher Education at North Carolina State University.


The Certificate program consists of a selected set of for-credit courses that are offered in an online format. The courses are selected to offer a cohesive continuing education opportunity for people in training roles in business and industry. This program is designed for the person who has recently advanced into a training position and is without the academic preparation needed or for those choosing to increase their knowledge and skills in training for current or future jobs. The program is not intended for career exploration nor is it a prerequisite for or part of a graduate degree program. The program is made up of a five 3-credit courses. The student will complete the identified Certificate courses through continuous enrollment (excluding summer sessions) until contract requirements are met. Participants must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution to enroll in the Certificate Program.


The program requires completion on the following five courses:

  • EAC 580: Designing Instructional Systems in Training and Development. Introduction to instructional design models including needs assessment, systematic training design and development techniques and proactive strategies for evaluating training programs. (offered in fall terms)
  • EAC 559: The Adult Learner. A study of various factors relevant to how adults learn and the implication of these factors for practice. (offered in fall & spring terms)
  • EAC 586: Methods and Techniques of Training and Development. Methods and techniques common to exemplary training and development programs in business and industrial settings. Principles, theories, and current research on cognitive, affective, and psychomotor learning to improve and sustain job performance. (offered in spring terms)
  • EAC 583: Needs Assessment and Task Analysis in Training and Development. Current needs assessment and task analysis methods and techniques used in business and industry. Development of comprehensive needs assessment plans for disagnosing and documenting human performance deficiencies and improvement opportunities. (offered in fall terms)
  • EAC 584: Evaluating Training Transfer and Effectiveness. Philosophy strategies, and procedures for evaluating effectiveness of training programs. (offered in spring terms)

For course descriptions, please refer to the NCSU listing of courses. For the current and upcoming course schedules, refer to

Admission Information

Please refer to the page on admissions process for Certificate programs for detailed information on how to apply to this program.

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For more information, contact the program coordinator at:

Dr. James Bartlett
Associate Professor
NC State University
Campus Box 7801
Raleigh, NC 27695-7801
(919) 513-1568